What type of improvements are eligible for funding?

Rehabilitation improvements must be for the primary residential structure of the property. Examples of eligible improvements include:

  • Bathroom and kitchen facility repairs and replacements
  • Faulty roofs, including leaks, structurally unsound, unsafe or open to the elements, or for energy efficiency
  • Repair or replacement of windows, when the glass is missing, broken, cracked, or when the window framing is rotten
  • Repair to doors that do not open and shut properly
  • Repairs needed to eliminate barriers to accessibility
  • Repairs to the heating system when there is no heat or inadequate heat
  • Repairs to the plumbing system, hot water heaters, and access to the water supply
  • Replacement of electrical panels and wiring

Ineligible Activities

Examples of Ineligible Activities Include:

  • Adding rooms, creating finished living space from unfinished areas
  • Home Repair funding does not cover owner labor cost, remodeling or cosmetic improvements
  • Exterior improvements such as fencing and landscaping
  • Purchase/installation of appliances (such as refrigerators, stoves, and window air conditioning units
  • Replacement of items determined to be in good condition by City Inspectors

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