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Posted on: September 28, 2020

[ARCHIVED] Charming Chapters Genre Quest

Genre Quest October Buttons

It's October! Find a great Horror, Paranormal, or Fantasy title.

September 28, 2020

Books of the Fantasy genre often feature mythical creatures, magic, and epic adventures where a character must rise to the occasion. Two subgenres of fantasy are Horror and Paranormal. Horror is about terror while Paranormal features beings and phenomena outside the realm of normal scientific understanding.

Need some help finding something to read? Here are some suggestions from our librarians!


Book Cover - The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo! by Elaine BickellThe Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo! by Elaine Bickell

Poor Little Ghost has lost her scary BOO, so she sets out on a nighttime hunt to find it. 

Book Cover - Ten Magic Butterflies by Danica McKellarTen Magic Butterflies
by Danica McKellar

One by one, ten flowers ask a fairy to turn them into butterflies for a night of magical flying.  

Book Cover - Unicorn Day by Diana Murray and Luke FlowersUnicorn Day by Diana Murray

The unicorns are celebrating their favorite day of the year, complete with rainbows and sparkly butterflies, but when an impostor (a horse with a fake horn) arrives, will the party  continue with all its glittery glory?

Middle Grades

Book Cover - The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier & Douglas HolgateThe Last Kids on Earth
by Max Brallier & Douglas Holgate

After a monster apocalypse hits town, average thirteen-year-old Jack Sullivan builds a team of friends to heop slay the eerily intelligent monster known as Blarg.

Book Cover - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. LewisThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Four English school children find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia and assist it’s ruler, the golden lion Aslan, in defeating the White Witch who has cursed the land with eternal winter. 


Book Cover - A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'EngleA Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

Meg Murry and her friends become involved with unearthly strangers and search for Meg’s father, who has disappeared while engaged in secret work for the government. 



Book Cover - Stormrise by Jillian BoehmeStormrise
by Jillian Boehme

Her skills ignored because of her gender, Rain disguises herself as a boy and joins a secret military rescue unit tasked with rescuing the High King, and soon learns she must awaken the dragons that guarded the land centuries before.


Book Cover - Winterwood by Shea ErnshawWinterwood
by Shea Ernshaw

Rumored to be a witch, Nora Walker attempts to uncover the truth about a boy she discovers in the woods who went missing weeks ago during a brutal winter storm, only to learn that he wasn’t the only one to go missing all those weeks ago.  

Book Cover - The Dark In-between by Elizabeth HribDark In-between
by Elizabeth Hrib

After meeting an angel fallen to earth to regain his wings, sixteen-year-old Casey finds herself in Limbo, a place between the living and the dead, where angels and demons battle for souls and where Casey tries to save her best friend Liddy, the victim of a tragic accident. 


Book Cover - Strange Practice by Vivian ShawStrange Practice
by Vivian Shaw (Book 1, Dr. Greta Helsing Series)

Meet Greta Helsing, fast-talking doctor to the undead. Keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well in London has been her family's specialty for generations. Greta Helsing inherited the family's highly specialized, and highly peculiar, medical practice. In her consulting rooms, Dr. Helsing treats the undead for a host of ills - vocal strain in banshees, arthritis in barrow-wights, and entropy in mummies. Although barely making ends meet, this is just the quiet, supernatural-adjacent life Greta's been groomed for since childhood. Until a sect of murderous monks emerges, killing human and undead Londoners alike. As terror takes hold of the city, Greta must use her unusual skills to stop the cult if she hopes to save her practice, and her life.

Book Cover - Empire of Sand by Tasha SuriEmpire of Sand by Tasha Suri (Book 1, The Books of Ambha Series)

A nobleman's daughter with magic in her blood. An empire built on the dreams of enslaved gods. Empire of Sand is Tasha Suri's captivating, Mughal India-inspired debut fantasy. The Amrithi are outcasts; nomads descended of desert spirits, they are coveted and persecuted throughout the Empire for the power in their blood. Mehr is the illegitimate daughter of an imperial governor and an exiled Amrithi mother she can barely remember, but whose face and magic she has inherited. When Mehr's power comes to the attention of the Emperor's most feared mystics, she must use every ounce of will, subtlety, and power she possesses to resist their cruel agenda. Should she fail, the gods themselves may awaken seeking vengeance...

Book Cover - The Poppy War by R.F. KuangThe Poppy War by R.F. Kuang (Book 1, Poppy War Series)

An epic historical military fantasy, combining the history of 20th century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters.

Book Cover - The Waking Land by Callie BatesThe Waking Land by Callie Bates (Book 1, The Waking Land Series)

A young girl is kidnapped by the king to punish her father's rebellion against him. Years later, she returns home a fugitive, while grappling with a repressed magic that could, if mastered, make her the most powerful person in two kingdoms.

Book Cover - Torn by Rowenna MillerTorn by Rowenna Miller (Book 1, Unraveled Kingdom Series)

In a time of revolution, everyone -- even a humble seamstress plying her magic to support her family -- must take a side. Sophie is a young dressmaker who, with hard work, talent, and a rare proficiency sewing spells into cloth, has managed to open her own shop and lift herself and her brother, Kristos, out of the poverty that plagues their immigrant community. Her reputation for beautiful ballgowns and discreetly-embroidered charms for luck, love, and protection secures her a commission from the royal family itself -- and the commission earns her the attentions of a dashing but entirely unattainable duke. Meanwhile, her brother, a day laborer with a keen mind and a thirst for justice, rises to prominence in the growing anti-monarchist movement. Their worlds collide when the revolution's shadow leader takes Kristos hostage and demands that Sophie place a curse on the queen's new Midwinter costume -- or Kristos will die at their hand. As the proletariat uprising comes to a violent climax, Sophie must choose: between her brother and the community of her birth, and her lover and the life she's striven to build.

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