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Posted on: November 14, 2023



Help us keep storm drains clear of leaves and other debris. Do not put leaves in the street and be on the lookout for clogged drains. Even small blockages can lead to standing water and in severe cases, backups and flooding.

While the City of Lewiston Public Works Department is working diligently to make sure as many of our nearly 4,000 storm drain structures remain as clear as possible, it’s a herculean task for our small team. Your help can keep a small blockage from becoming a big problem! 

  • Don't blow or rake leaves into the streets, even if you see a street sweeper. 
  • If you see leaves covering the storm grate in front of your house or business, please clear the leaves away from the grate so that water does not pool on the road before the street sweeper comes through your area. 
  • Clear debris from the area surrounding the drain – approximately 10 feet in either direction. 
  • If you notice an area drain (a larger structure for collecting stormwater) around your neighborhood that is covered by debris, call us and let us know BEFORE a rain event. The Public Works phone number is 208-746-1316 ext. 0. 

If you want to help us by clearing your neighborhood storm drains, remember to do it safely! 

  • Don’t use your hands. Rakes, brooms, and shovels are great tools. 
  • Stay out of the street. Clearing from the sidewalk when possible is the safest way. 
  • Wear reflective or bright-colored clothing. This helps drivers see you when you’re working near the road. 
  • Only clear surface debris, and don’t try to lift storm drain grates. If the drain is still clogged after clearing debris, call Public Works at 208-746-1316 ext. 0 and let them know. Storm grates are heavy and lifting them can cause serious injury. 

If you see flooding in the public right-of-way (a.k.a. streets and public sidewalks) during rain events, you can alert Public Works at 208-746-1316 ext. 0. 

Disposing of Leaves on the Street Could Result in a Fine of $150 
Pursuant to § 17-50 of the Lewiston City Code, it is unlawful to intentionally place litter or “rubbish” in the streets within the City of Lewiston. “Rubbish” includes, but is not limited to, yard clippings, leaves, wood, tree trimmings, and other similar materials. 

In the event that such behavior occurs, this may result in an infraction, carrying a fine of $150. We encourage everyone to help maintain our streets' cleanliness and functionality by responsibly disposing of leaves. Your help and cooperation are greatly appreciated! 

Yard Waste Collection 
From November 1, 2023, until March 31, 2024, Lewiston utility customers can use plastic bags for leaves and yard waste so long as they do not exceed 35 lbs. Kraft paper bags rated at 50 lbs of wet strength are accepted year-round. 

For the months of November and December, yard waste will continue to be collected weekly. For the months of January and February, yard waste collection will run from the 1st of the month through the 7th of the month on your regular garbage collection day. 

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