Development Impact Fee Advisory Committee *NEW*


The Development Impact Fee Advisory Committee (DIFAC) was established by Ordinance 4899 and passed by City Council on October 9, 2023. 

The DIFAC will develop a new traffic impact fee (TIF) for the Lewiston City Council’s consideration. A traffic impact fee is used to pay for transportation projects needed to accommodate the demands on the transportation system created by new development. Your support will help identify the reasonable contributions that private development can make towards community infrastructure; help us prioritize roadway and intersection improvements; help refine municipal code; and generally help provide a voice of support for the action. This program will be developed in compliance with Idaho State Code Title 67 Chapter 82 for Development Impact Fee.

We anticipate 3 working meetings and 2 City Council Presentations to complete the TIF over a 6 month period. Once the TIF is established, DIFAC will meet at least annually to review progress and modify the plan.

If you are interested in serving on the DIFAC, please fill out an Advisory Board/Commission Application and return it to the City Clerk

Powers and Duties

The committee has the following powers and duties, as set forth in Idaho Code Title 67, Chapter 82:

  • Assist the city in adopting land use assumptions;
  • Review the capital improvements plan, and proposed amendments, and file written comments;
  • Monitor and evaluate implementation of the capital improvements plan;
  • File periodic reports, at least annually, with respect to the capital improvements plan and report to the city any perceived inequities in implementing the plan or imposing the development impact fees; and
  • Advise the city of the need to update or revise land use assumptions, the capital improvements plan, and development impact fees.

Member Requirements

The DIFAC must meet the member requirements as set forth in Idaho Code 67-8205:

  • Two or more members shall be active in the business of development, building, or real estate;
  • All members must reside within the boundaries of the service area;
  • Two members who are not employees or officials of a governmental entity.

If you have questions, or would like additional information, please contact the Public Works Department at 208-746-1316.