Proclamation Requests

Among the many ceremonial functions of the office of Mayor or Council President is recognizing and honoring people, events, activities, organizations, issues, etc. The City of Lewiston may encourage and educate the community through the issuance of proclamations, pursuant to Lewiston City Code Section 2-26(e)(8).


Proclamations are official declarations by the Mayor or Council President, on behalf of the City of Lewiston, that are issued in their discretion for the purpose of encouraging and educating the community, such as recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary achievements of local citizens, organizations, and schools within the community; honoring occasions of importance and significance to the community; and increasing public awareness of issues to improve the wellbeing of the citizens of Lewiston.

For questions, assistance, or to request an accommodation, please contact City Clerk Tanya Brocke at 208-746-3671 x 6202 or

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  4. Approved Proclamations

All proclamations are strictly honorary and are not legally binding. The Mayor or Council President will only consider a request for a proclamation from a City of Lewiston resident or organization that has involvement in the City of Lewiston. The request should have some typ of local appeal, have a positive impact on our community, and promote positive quality of life activities taking place in the community. Whether to issue a proclamation and place such proclamation on a City Council agenda is within the discretion of the Mayor or Council President and does not require action by the City Council.

Proclamations may generally be issued for the following purposes:

  • Memorializing special or exemplary events or days, both within and outside of the City of Lewiston, including national days of celebration, recognition, or mourning.
  • Recognizing City of Lewiston business anniversaries of fifty years or more.
  • Supporting local arts and cultural celebrations.
  • Recognizing achievements of high rank or success within a local organization, such as scouting.
  • Recognizing unique or especially successful local school-related activities, such as in academics, athletics, music, etc.
  • Honoring local groups for their work in the community.
  • Recognizing individuals for outstanding achievements in or for contributions to the community.
  • Supporting public awareness campaigns that have the potential to enhance public health, safety, or wellness.
  • Recognizing special or unique honors.
  • Recognizing other exceptional events, activities, and/or people. 

Proclamations may generally not be issued for the following purposes:

  • Matters of a political nature, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual convictions.
  • Controversial issues or organizations.
  • Events or activities that do not benefit the City of Lewiston.
  • National or international groups requesting a proclamation without an in-City sponsor.
  • Events, campaigns, or activities that are contrary to or in opposition to adopted City of Lewiston policies, plans, or ordinances.
  • Personal activities not of a general public interest, such as deaths, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, groundbreakings, business endorsements, etc.

Proclamations will not be issued for any matter that may suggest an official City position on a matter under consideration or to be voted upon by City Council. Additionally, the Mayor or Council President will not issue a proclamation for any group whose policies or aims advocate violence, hatred, or any other position contrary to the wellbeing of the citizens of the City of Lewiston, or the quality of life in Lewiston. No proclamation shall be used as part of an advertisement or commercial promotion.