*NEW* Public Works Committee

The City of Lewiston has created a new Public Works Advisory Committee and is seeking candidates with a broad range of perspectives and expertise to apply. The committee will advise staff on matters relating to Public Works activities and infrastructure which could include recommendations to the Lewiston City Council regarding:

  • the following services: potable water, stormwater, wastewater treatment and collection, industrial pretreatment, street maintenance and traffic control, sanitation, development, and engineering; 
  • assisting in the review and feasibility of related topics to include such things as master plans, rate recommendations, and setting improvement priorities; 
  • commercial and residential development as related to public infrastructure; and
  • serving as a sounding or review board to the Public Works Department and providing feedback and advice on agenda items for committee meetings. 

The committee shall consist of six members including two sitting City Councilors, three citizens of Lewiston, and one ad hoc student member. 

Desirable qualities of a committee member include experience in the fields of finance, education, civil or utility engineering, and/or the ability to advise on policy and budget recommendations. The student member will be a high school or college student with a related field of study or documented interest. This position could remain vacant if an appropriate application is not found. This position is not part of the quorum. 

The six-member Advisory Committee will meet at least once a month at a day and time still to be determined. All committee members are volunteers, and the majority must live or work in Lewiston. 

If you possess a strong interest in public works activities and infrastructure topics; if you have a willingness to learn and a passion for working to strengthen the City’s effectiveness as it works towards improving infrastructure and sustainable quality services, then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! 

For questions regarding Public Works Advisory Committee volunteer positions, please contact Dustin Johnson, Public Works Director, at djohnson@cityoflewiston.org.