The Makery

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About the Makery

The Makery at the Lewiston City Library supports the lifelong learning of patrons through open access to equipment, materials, tools and technology, encouraging collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship. Patrons can find a variety of kits that can be checked out for in-library use, including Craft Kits intended for beginners crafters. The Makery also has materials and tools that are openly available for the public to use in the Makery on a first-come-first-serve basis, including beads, stamps, card stock, string, scissors, and more. 

The Makery is available for the public to reserve for small group meetings or projects. It is also used to host library programs such as Cooking 101, Vintage Handcrafts Series, and STEM programs for kids. For a full list of upcoming classes, visit our Calendar.

Craft Kits

The Craft Kits are intended for beginner crafters who are looking to try out a new creative skill, including counted cross stitch, crochet, hand sewing, card making, embroidery, knitting, or pom-pom making. To check out a Craft Kit, go to the Library's 2nd Floor Help desk, fill out a one-time Makery Use Agreement Form, select the kit you want to use, and start crafting!  For in-library use only.

  1. Counted Cross Stitch Kit
  2. Crochet Kit
  3. Hand Sewing Kit
  4. Pom Pom Kit
  5. Knitting Kit
  6. Embroidery Kit
  7. Card Making Kit
  • Hoop
  • Ada cloth
  • Tapestry needle 
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Instruction bookletCounted Cross Stitch Kit