City Youth Leadership Council

This council was formed in order to engage 7th through 12th graders, living in the Lewiston School District Boundary, to instill the importance of civil values and develop civic skills. These are accomplished by critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and practical, hands-on experiences. The City is committed to its future workforce, providing opportunities to help youth expand their knowledge and gain experiences through volunteerism and in public service careers. Goals are decided by current issues impacting youth. Students develop goals and projects that are impacting their peers.

For those interested in applying, please fill out the form and return to Jayson Ulrich at or mail to 1424 Main Street.

City Youth Leadership Council Application

City Youth Leadership Council Recommendation

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  • Must be in grades 7-12 living in the Lewiston School District boundary.
  • May be subject to interview process by selection committee.
  • May serve multiple years. Maximum 25 members.
  • May start in September or January, but not mid-semester

Meeting Guidelines

  • Meetings will run approximately 1-2 hours in length twice per month or as needed and will include both active and learning components.
  • In the first semester, youth will learn about local government, decide on youth impact goals for the year, and support selected community events.
  • The second semester will transition to mock city department positions and completion of the youth impact project. Presentation to City Council in May.