Zoning Applications & Information

Applications for various zoning actions before the Planning and Zoning Commission. Please contact the City Planner for the associated fees.

Public Hearings

Upon receipt of an application, a public hearing shall be scheduled to determine whether the application is consistent with the policies and goals of the Lewiston City Code Zoning Chapter. See Section 37-184 Rules for Conduct of Public Hearing for more information.


An action or ruling by the commission may be appealed to the city council by the applicant within 15 days after the commission has adopted findings of fact, conclusions of law and its decision. Written notice of the appeal shall be filed with the city clerk, and the required fee is deposited within the 15 day period. If the appeal is not filed, and the required fee is not deposited with the city clerk within the 15 day period, the decision of the commission shall be final. See Section 37-185 Appeal from Action or Ruling of Planning and Zoning Commission for more information. Review the appeal form (PDF)


Animal Rights

Supplementary Regulations

Off-Street Parking &Loading

Wireless Communication Facilities