Economic Development

Economic Development Lewiston & the Lewis-Clark Valley

The City of Lewiston, Idaho is a great place to live, work and play. Our city is business-friendly and works closely with the State of Idaho Department of Commerce, local utilities and other partners that support business retention, expansion, and recruitment.

Market & Trade

Lewiston is in the county of Nez Perce and supports a market and trade area of approximately 180,000 people in nine counties of North Central Idaho and South East Washington. Lewiston serves as a hub and destination point for the central Pacific Northwest with an excellent recreational climate and agricultural growing season.

Travel Modes

All modes of travel are available in Lewiston - air, river, rail and roadway - supporting commercial and recreational activities.

Lewiston’s Waterfront Vision

The City’s 2028 vision was created and ten-year benchmarks were established including items entitled "Downtown and Waterfront Redevelopment". However, as follow-up meetings and discussions took place and initial planning and scoping began, the idea of planning for the entire waterfront for a more far-reaching benefit came into being.

The following quote was taken from a community response survey: "Not many cities have the opportunity to develop a waterfront. My vision is to see a diverse people-friendly recreational, residential community with entertainment amenities that overlook the downtown riverfront".

See our Comprehensive Plan for additional information regarding Waterfront Planning Area.

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