CDBG / HUD Resources

Sub-recipient Resources

The City of Lewiston is a grantee of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. As a grantee, the City must follow a multitude of federal regulations handed down through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Access a printable, clickable list of reference materials (PDF) on the web provided by HUD for grantees. The City will provide information here periodically to help our CDBG sub-recipients in their management of CDBG funds. Standard forms are posted here, when available, for sub-recipients to download and use, as required by the City.

Request for Payment / Reimbursement & Invoicing

Sub-recipients are required to fill out and submit a payment/reimbursement request form with invoices and other supporting documents when initiating a CDBG reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred per sub-recipient agreement. Some sub-recipients have their own agency specific invoice forms while others do not currently have a commonly accepted invoice form. As an option, a City’s suggested invoice form may be downloaded by selecting the Sample Invoice Form.


For projects normally associated with bids, especially construction projects, the sub-recipient has the responsibility to perform inspection of the invoices and complete the required Certification of Acceptance and submit it to the City. The City will not process payment requests until the Certification of Acceptance is received from the sub-recipient.


Those who receive CDBG funds from the City of Lewiston (grantee) to conduct various projects or activities for the benefit of low- to moderate-income persons are considered by HUD to be sub-recipients. Organizations or individuals interested in obtaining CDBG funds for their projects should be aware that as sub-recipients, federal regulations that pertain to grantees also pertain to sub-recipients. Following is a list of resources for sub-recipients or those interested in becoming sub-recipients with which to become familiar, as they are used by the grantee for monitoring the performance of sub-recipients:

Toolkit on Crosscutting Issues

Information in this section found at the Department of Housing and Urban Development website. The Toolkits are an exciting new resource tool that will allow Entitlement and State grantees to find the following information right at your fingertips:

  • Acquisition
  • Environmental
  • Fair Housing
  • Financial Management
  • Labor Standards
  • Relocation

Complete Guide

The Toolkit is a complete guide for CDBG grantees searching for:

  • HUD Handbooks
  • Applicable Statutory Requirements
  • Notices
  • Regulations
  • Other Useful Material

Instead of searching all over the web, grantees can now go to this one location and find the regulation or notice that grantees need to address their question. Grantees will also find web links to various departments such as the Labor Relations Office to assist in the review of new policies or regulatory changes. Over the past year, OBGA has provided training on several of these sessions, demonstrating the usefulness of the Toolkit. The feedback on the Toolkits has been overwhelmingly positive and thus the decision to post these materials for use by all CDBG grantees.

City of Lewiston Fair Market Rent Standard

The City of Lewiston adopted Resolution 2011-64 defining the Nez Perce County annual payment standards published by the Idaho Housing and Finance Association Lewiston Branch Office/Region 2 as its definition of affordable rent standards for CDBG assisted rental rehabilitation loans sponsored by the City of Lewiston.