Business Licensing


Apply online on the portal here.


If you would like to have access to our online portal and pay your current and future renewal online please contact the office 208-746-1318 ext 7256 or by email at sanderson@cityof and we will provide you with your login information 

General Information

A business license is required when:

  • Delivering any goods, either at wholesale or retail (unless licensed under another section of City Code)
  • Selling or performing any services
  • Soliciting business or offering or holding out goods or services for sale or hire
  • Using any vehicle or premises in Lewiston for business purposes

Business Ownership

Each business location is considered to be a separate business. If a business changes ownership or if the business moves to a new location, the business license is automatically void. A new license is required if either event takes place.


All business licenses must be renewed annually. Late penalty fees of 50% of the license renewal fees are assessed 45 days after the license expiration date.

Information & Applications

Information and applications can be obtained by:

You may drop off applications from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary.

Review Process

When the completed application has been received by the Business Licensing Coordinator, copies are sent to the Fire Department, Building Official, City Planner and, in some instances, the Police Department and Health District.

Following the reviews, you may be given a letter containing the reviewers comments and a list of any corrections that may be required. If corrections are necessary, time will be provided to allow you to complete the work. Some corrections may be required immediately; others may be completed within a short period of time. During this time, the City of Lewiston, at its option, may issue a temporary or conditional business license so you can open for business. If you do not complete the work within the time frame provided, the business license will expire and be void.

Review Time Frame

A license review generally takes approximately 15 working days from the time the application is received to the time the license is issued. For licenses that require fingerprinting or background checks, the time frame may take approximately 3 to 6 weeks.


Most new signs and the replacement of existing signs require a sign permit. Signs are regulated by zoning, and the type and size of sign you may display is determined by your business location. Please contact the City Planner for more information at 208-746-1318, ext. 7202.