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LearningExpress Library

A comprehensive collection of test preparation tools, skill-building materials, and career resources. Use to prepare for college and career, education tutoring, software tutorials, and workforce development. Funded by LiLI.

  • College Center - For college students, resources to help strengthen academic skills, prepare for placement tests, and get ready for graduate school entrance exams. 
  • College Preparation Center - Study for and practice college admission tests and application essays. From AP Exams to the ACT and SAT, this center is devoted to college entrance. 
  • High School Equivalency Center - Use this center to prepare for the GED™ test and other equivalency exams with tutorials, eBooks, and practice tests.
  • Popular Software Tutorials - Learn to use the most popular software programs from Microsoft Office, along with Adobe Photoshop, and the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. 
  • School Center - The resources here can help students in elementary, middle, and high school prepare for important tests, get extra help with assignments, and boost their skills in important subjects. 
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Academic Search Premier

Scholarly, multidisciplinary, full text database for academic research. Covers the academic disciplines being offered in colleges and universities. Funded by LiLI.

EBSCO ebook high school collection

eBook High School Collection (EBSCOhost)

Both fiction and non-fiction e-books for students of all ages that are available from any location including school, home, car and playground! All e-books are easy to access and download. Funded by LiLI

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Explora Secondary

Designed specifically for high school libraries, Explora Secondary is a full-text database of popular magazines, reference books, and primary sources covering many subjects, including history, science, and health. It also includes over a million photos, maps, and flags. Funded by LiLI.

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Gale Ebooks

A collection of electronic specialized encyclopedias and reference books on a wide variety of subject areas that can be searched individually or as a whole. Funded by LiLI.

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Middle Search Plus

Designed for middle school libraries, Middle Search Plus is a full-text database providing popular middle school magazines and reference books. Covering subjects such as history, current events, science, and sports, it also includes thousands of biographies and primary source documents, plus over a million photos, maps, and flags. Funded by LiLI.

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Scout: Classroom Edition

Video clips and multimedia tools for use in K12 classrooms in all subject areas. Includes lesson plans. Searchable by grade level and subject. Funded by LiLI.

World Book Advanced Icon

World Book Advanced

Encyclopedia for high school or new college students. Includes multimedia, e-book center with public domain content, and primary source documents. Funded by LiLI.

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World Book Student

Encyclopedia content designed for students in middle grades. Funded by LiLI.

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The LiLI Databases (LiLI-D) provide full-text reference materials in the form of electronic articles from magazines, professional journals, newspapers, encyclopedias, reference books and more. LiLI tools are free to all Idaho residents.