The City of Lewiston needs to fill upcoming vacancies on the Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission. Planning and Zoning Commission members are unpaid volunteers and must be residents of the City of Lewiston. Additionally, the Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission needs to have filled by the Nez Perce County Board of Commissioners a current vacancy for the Area of City Impact Representative. Only a resident of the Area of City Impact (click HERE to view the map) may be appointed to fill this position.

Persons interested in filling these important positions need not have planning and zoning experience; however applicants would be encouraged to attend a Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to see and understand what role the Commission plays and how they function, and/or contact Commission Chair Gerald Bateman (208-791-8294) and/or City Planner Joel Plaskon (208) 746-1318 extension 7202 for more information. The Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission meets at 5:30 p.m. at 215 D Street on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Meetings generally last one to two hours.

The duties of the Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission are:

(1) To conduct a comprehensive planning process to prepare comprehensive plan as required by Idaho Code, Sections 67-6508 through 67-6510; to recommend its adoption by the council; to prepare implementing measures; and to review and update the comprehensive plan as necessary.

(2) To hold public hearings on applications for variances, conditional use permits, changes of use of nonconforming uses, proposed zoning amendments and proposed amendments to the comprehensive plan.

(3) To submit to the City Council a report and recommendations on each zoning amendment and comprehensive plan amendment following public hearing and preliminary plats following review at a public meeting.

(4) To determine the classification of use not specifically mentioned in the zoning code. Such determination shall be based upon a detailed description of the proposed use and such other information as may be required.

(5) To provide and maintain a continuing program of public information on planning and zoning matters, including reasons or grounds for actions taken.

(6) To hear appeals from rulings of the community development department.

(7) Review and comment as appropriate to the Nez Perce County Planning and Zoning Commission and/or the Nez Perce County Board of County Commissioners on land use proposals within the Lewiston Area of City Impact.

Applications (click HERE for the application) to fill these vacancies are available from and are to be submitted to City Clerk, Kari Ravencroft. Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2017, after which applications will be screened and interviews will be arranged. Successful applicants will be appointed by the City Council to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission for four year terms.