7/13/2017 - What You Need to Know About Vegetation in the Public Right-of-Way

“Thank you for keeping our streets and public roadways safe for our community.”
- Janie Schaefer
Code Enforcement Officer,
City of Lewiston

The City of Lewiston’s Code Enforcement Division would like to remind all property owners and homeowners that tree branches and all other types of vegetation cannot hang more than 14 feet above public roads. Any vegetation adjacent to a public right-of-way such as streets, alleys, roadways, and sidewalks must be kept trimmed and neat by the owner of the adjacent property (City Code, Sec. 35.5-18).

What happens when property owners do not comply?
Failure, neglect, or refusal by the property owner to comply with these requirements can result in the issuance of a citation. If the city must perform necessary work to abate the problem, the costs of such work will become the responsibility of the property owner.